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Almost there

Somehow it’s been another month since the last update.  Unbelievable.

First, we wanted to welcome all the new people who’ve learned about the film on Facebook or through other social media.

Next, thanks to all who responded with interest about translations.  The English transcripts are almost done and we’ll be reaching out to people about translations in the coming weeks.  Same goes for people who responded about potential screenings.  Those are a little further out, but we’re keeping track of where there’s interest.

On the actual release, we’re planning to make the film available directly from the website as either a digital download or rental.  Both SD and HD versions will be available, with subtitling in various languages for those who need it.  At the same time, we’ll be preparing the physical discs (both DVD and Blu-Ray) for sale.  Bonus features will be available in both digital and physical formats – extra interview clips, fun stuff, commentary tracks, etc.  If there’s a particular type of material you’d like to see, let us know!

We haven’t released much in the way of assets from the film yet, but the box art and posters are nearly finished.  If you signed up for the newsletter (you did, right?) not only will you get to see the art in advance, but you’ll also get to vote on which you think we should use!  If you didn’t sign up for the newsletter yet, it’s not too late….

We’ve got some exciting news to share regarding the soundtrack and score, but are waiting for official signatures before we announce publicly.

If you’re in South America, there are some great shows right now.  Arch Enemy are there now, as are the Sirens (Anneke van Giersebrgen/Liv Kristine/Kari Rueslåtten).  Epica will be coming soon as well.

For the Europeans, Stream of Passion will be hitting the road soon and hopefully you’ve gotten a chance to see Delain opening for Sabaton as they storm across borders.  Delain will also be doing a short headline tour of their own before reuniting with Sabaton to head off to North America opening for Nightwish.  Doro will also be rocking the US shortly as she continues 30+ years on the road.

Which are you most looking forward to?