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Another (late) update

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday since the last update and I promised myself that I’d update more frequently. Oops.

So let’s cover the big stuff first , and it’s a good news/bad news situation.  If you’ve looked at a calendar lately you’ll notice there are only a few days left before Christmas and not many until the end of the year.  So it’s apparent at this point that the film will NOT be ready in 2014 as we’d hoped. :(  There are a number of reasons for that, but the bottom line is that there are still some things that need to be taken care of.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we didn’t miss by much and are planning for a release early in the year.  The composer has already started working, the edits are being fine-tuned, bonus materials are being assembled and there’s a whole bunch of really exciting stuff going on in general.  Some great stuff has happened over just the past couple of weeks; it’s really just trying to balance everything.  A few people out there offered to help with various things like translations and getting the word out; we have NOT forgotten about you and will be contacting you soon.  If you’ve got time or skills to contribute, drop us a line (particularly if you have experience with marketing or publicity)!

We’ve asked previously, but still want to hear from you all since now is when we’re finalising the content list.  Drop us a line here, on facebook, on twitter – wherever you like, and let us know:

-Where in the world you are

-What your preferred format is (DVD, BluRay, Streaming)

-What language you speak and would like us to support in subtitles

-Who your favorite artist is and why

…or even just any interesting experiences you’ve had around this music.






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(Overdue) Update

Wow, there’s been SO much going on that the site has gone without updates for a while. Things are still really busy but here’s a bit of what’s been going on.

-If you’re in the States and caught one of the last two weeks of shows as Delain toured the US, you might have seen our promo postcards at the merch based on the design for the film poster. Did you pick one up? Did you get it signed? Share a picture either here or on social media somewhere with the tag #womeninmetaldoc!

-Since we can’t go back in time, we’ve been reaching out to different people/organizations about providing additional content for the film. First up is MC SharQ, a photographer based in the Netherlands. Check out his work at mcsharq.nl! If you’re interested in contributing, drop us a line via the contact form.

-We received a lot of support from the artists who agreed to speak with us, and many of them have been on the road touring. We’ve tried to make it out to as many shows as possible to return the favor and encourage others to as well. How many shows have you gone to this year?

Overall, we’re a little behind where we wanted to be with the film.  There are a bunch of reasons for this but the main one is that there’s a lot of great material we’re trying to distill into a coherent story and that just takes time. The good news is that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel ahead and are gaining (slow) momentum.  We appreciate your continued patience and interest. – if there’s something specific you’d like to see in  future updates, let us know!


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New Interview Revealed!

You asked for it, you got it!

After dropping a few hints, we’re proud and excited to announce that (more…)

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Tell us about yourself!

The love for music knows no borders and a quick look at our inbox shows that there’s interest from people worldwide!  And although all the artists are fluent in English, we know many fans may not be so we’re planning to provide subtitles for as many languages as is practical.  You can help us out here– tell us which languages you think should be included!


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Tell us YOUR stories!

It’s wonderful to see the passion people have for their favorite artists and even though it’s impossible to include everyone, we still want to hear from YOU. (more…)

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Serious Stuff

I’ve been going back and forth on whether to post this or not, as it’s the kind of thing that’s likely to make a few people unhappy.  On the other hand, some people are always going to be unhappy about something. (more…)

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A note from the Director

It’s great to see the excitement around the trailer release and read the feedback. I’m going to take a brief second to answer the question we anticipated a long time ago which in its simplest (and politest) form amounts to:

What about <insert name here>!?

Quite simply, there are a TON of talented women out there, and to try and put ALL of them into a film would amount to little more than name checking. And that’s not fair to anyone.

So 2 things to be mindful of:

  1. If your favorite artist isn’t in the film, it’s not meant as a slight. This film tells a story (more on that in a future update) and the needs of that story are reflected by the cast.
  2. Not all the names have been released. 😉



“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

—  Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Teaser Trailer Released

At long last, the Teaser Trailer is available for everyone to enjoy!

Be sure to share it with your friends. Start spreading the news that this unique perspective on heavy metal and the artists who capture our hearts is in the works.

Also, sign up for the newsletter to receive updates, such as new artists and production news, as well as behind the scenes and bonus content.

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