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OK, so updating the website is clearly not our strong point. It’s been 2+ months since our last update here, although we’ve been a bit better on Facebook.

This is going to be a bit of a “good news/bad news” update. We’ll start with the good.

Good news:
-THE GENTLE STORM featuring Anneke van Gierbergen and Marcela Bovio has released their album and they’re touring!
-Endless Forms Most Beautiful from NIGHTWISH is out with Floor Jansen kicking MAJOR ass on vocals. I was lucky enough to be in NY for other reasons (more on that later) and checked out the first show of the tour. In a word – breathtaking.
-Accompanying Nightwish on their NA tour are our friends from DELAIN. And if you happen to be at the concert and go over to their merch table, you’ll get to see the first poster for the film. If you actually BUY a shirt or something, you’ll get a poster to take home free!
-We’ve been planning the film release and have a couple solid opportunities already, but are looking to really make things special.
-While we were in NY to discuss distribution, a couple more interview opportunities resolved, and they should make some people pretty happy should they come to pass. These will most likely be part of the bonus features or will be released as free promo clips, but either way it won’t be long.

The Bad news:
-Although we’ve been making tons of great progress, we’re still badly behind where we wanted to be.
-Part of the reason for this is due to significant hardware/software failures that have occurred at the worst possible times, forcing a lot of rework. While we think it’s sorted out now, if anyone has access to a renderfarm, the use of a fast multiproc workstation, or fast RAID/SAS storage, let us know and maybe we can work something out. We’re really close to the end now and really can’t afford to lose any more time to IT issues.