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Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a good holiday season!  Santa and his elves are not the only ones who have been busy though – editing has continued practically nonstop through Christmas/New Years and we’re rapidly approaching the finish line.  As one phase winds down though, others start to rise in priority.  So we’re here to ask for your input and assistance once again.

First: We’re planing a few “event” screenings in order to bring the film to different cities and countries.  We’ll show the film and some of the production team will be on hand for a Q+A session afterwards.  Depending on when/where we may have some other fun stuff as well. 😉

If you’d like us to consider your country/region/city for a screening, let us know!  And if you want to help organize a screening, DEFINITELY let us know!

Next: We heard from a few people regarding what languages we should support for subtitling.  We haven’t forgotten you and as soon as the picture is locked the entire film will be transcribed and sent for translation.  That said, not every translation service offers all the languages that have been requested, particularly from smaller countries.  If you’d be interested in providing translations so that we can support YOUR language natively, email us! (serious inquiries only please)

Finally, we just wanted to say thanks again for all your continued interest and support.



Questions/Comments/Offers of help?  Email us here:  info AT womeninmetaldoc.com